Florida Fishing Necessities

When preparing to embark on a fishing trip in Florida, it is important to consider your necessary supplies. Be sure to make a list before you leave for your Florida fishing adventure. Make your arrangements based on weather conditions, and always plan ahead in case of emergency. Most importantly, don't forget to bring your official credentials and identification along for the trip.

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Essential Florida Fishing Gear and Documents

When you are fishing in Florida, there are a number of essential items and gear you''ll need to have with you. For a comprehensive list and description of essential gear, download this Florida Fishing License Checklist & Forms Packet.

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Identification and Documents

Always remember to bring your identification and all documents related to your fishing trip, including:

Bring Cash

Many supply stores, convenience stores and marinas may not accept credit cards or checks.

Safety and Survival Gear

Some fishing destinations are usually isolated from populated areas  especially those out at sea  which often makes it difficult for help to arrive, should an emergency occur. You should carry the following basic items with you on every fishing trip.

Clothing & Personal Supplies

Of vital importance to fishing safety in Florida are your clothes. Because of the temperamental weather conditions, you could be caught in a storm at any moment. It is also important to prepare for long hours in the sun.


The type of equipment you will bring on a fishing trip will vary depending on the type of fishing you will be doing. It is recommended that you bring only the equipment you know you will need, as carrying extra, unnecessary, items will only make your trip harder and heavier than it needs to be.