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We've compiled a plethora of information you'll need to know before baiting your hook, or reeling in your first fish in Florida waters. Read on to find out about Florida fishing regulations, obtaining a Florida fishing license, permit and more when fishing in the state of Florida. Let us be your source and guide for Florida fishing licenses and permits.

We've put together a Florida Fishing Packet to assist you with the Florida fishing license process, as well as offer you helpful information on a myriad of fishing-related topics.

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Helpful Tips

  1. You should always know the good fishing spots in your area. Visit Takemefishing.org and input your location to find the hottest fishing spots in your area.
  2. Make sure you have a good fishing pole. It can make the difference between "the catch of your life" and "the one that got away".
  3. If you want to catch a specific fish, ask a bait-and-tackle store employee what bait that fish likes the most.
  4. When it comes to bait, it's in your best interest to use live bait. Fish are much more attracted to bait wiggling around in the water than bait that doesn't move.
  5. Don't fish in waters you know or think to be polluted.
  6. On a day-to-day basis, the best times to fish are sunrise and sunset.
  7. On a monthly basis, the best time to fish is when the moon is in between its new and full phase.
  8. Don't ruin your fishing trip by getting sunburnt. Wear sunblock that is at least SPF 30.
  9. If you're looking to catch bigger fish, you're going to need a boat to get out to the open water. Some of the tastiest fish, like grouper and dolphin, are caught in these waters.
  10. Keep in mind that fish like to swim near sandbars, riverbanks, piers and reefs, so if you fish near one of these, you should be in good shape!