Florida Saltwater Fishing License 

Before you bait your hook and cast it into the sea, you're going to need to have your Florida saltwater fishing license on your person. Will you be saltwater fishing in Florida recreationally or commercially? Either way, be sure to read up on Florida deep sea fishing licenses before you embark.

1: Get Started with Online Application Services

Online application assistance can simplify and streamline the process for many Florida fishing-related services, including information on obtaining a new fishing license, fishing regulations in your state and fishing safety courses. In addition to the free forms and general instructions available from different Florida fishing organizations, you will receive a comprehensive License Checklist & Forms Packet specific to your needs, fast answers to tough questions and prompt service from a friendly staff.

2: Via the FWC

If you prefer to access additional material on Florida fishing services and regulations, visit a state-specific online resource for extra support regarding future expeditions.

Florida Commercial Saltwater License

A commercial fishing license in Florida, officially known as a saltwater products license, is needed if you intend to sell or trade any saltwater products  any plant, animal or structure from the ocean. You will need a commercial fishing license in Florida if you harvest more than the bag limit, or more than 100 pounds, and each individual cannot harvest more than two fish per day for species that do not have a specified bag limit. You must also use equipment approved by Florida law if you have your commercial deep sea fishing license in Florida. 

Florida Recreational Saltwater License

If you are at least 16 years old but under the age of 65 and want to fish in Florida's bodies of saltwater, you must have your recreational saltwater fishing license to legally fish. Saltwater fishing licenses in Florida are valid for either one year, which costs $17, five years, which, costs $79 or for life, which costs between $401.50 and $1,001.50 depending on your age. If you are a nonresident, you can purchase a three-day Florida deep sea fishing license for $17, a seven-day license for $30, or a yearlong license for $47.

Purchasing a Florida Saltwater Fishing License

You can purchase a Florida saltwater fishing license at your county tax collector's office, a sporting goods store or bait and tackle store, online or by phone at 888-FISH-FLORIDA. Note, you will not receive your FL deep sea fishing license for 30 days, but you will be given a temporary license number (TAN). Keep a copy of your TAN if you plan to fish before you receive your license in the mail. Please click here if you are interested in a lifetime fishing license. Remember that even though you have your Florida saltwater fishing license, there are still restrictions you must comply with. You should know what kind of bait and equipment you are allowed to use, as well as any species you are not permitted to catch.